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Foreign employed Sri Lankan’s quarantining in 5 star Hotels are hypocrites who would have died in drains – Wickwamsa’s website says


Kalutara District coordinator for COVID-19 quarantine process Dr. Krishan Hirimuthugoda said PCR testing for the virus will continue in people who are in quarantine centers established in five-star luxury hotels but has complained that patients do not extend their support for doctors and health officials to carry out the process.

Quoting this a website maintained with the contribution of a minister known widely as ‘Wikatawansa’ in the present cabinet has published a news saying “hypocrites who were to die in drains have broken into Sri Lanka and do not allow tests to be done but jump on the bodies of doctors and nurses. The news hints that Dr. Krishan Hirimuthugoda called the people who have come from foreign countries ‘hypocrites that were to die in drains ‘.

But this doctor clearly said a group in one hotel only obstructed the quarantine process and if obstructions continued, he would give up duties in the process.

When investigated it was found the particular hotel is Citrus Hotel at Waskaduwa owned by Dilith jayaweera, the owner of Derana media network.  Investigations also should be carried out regarding the people who are being quarantined in the hotel and legal action should be taken against them. The group that is not cooperating with the process and fighting with the doctors could be people connected to the government people. They may be thinking they could do anything and the doctors should do what they ask them to do. But these people never will die in drains.

Wikatawansa and his website throughout the corona pandemic situation in our country blamed a third party to hide the mistakes the government made during the epidemic. They always try to find scapegoat to blame for their mistakes.

First they blamed China, next those returning from Italy and Korea. Next scapegoat was Muslims and then the Navy people.

A mud news was published against the ruler of United Arab Emirates to rouse the Sinhala people against Muslim people. The ambassador of that country also issued a statement against this and made a complaint to the foreign ministry.

Wikatawansa and his crew have always carried out insults against the people are  now insulting the Sri Lankans who are returning to the Mother land calling them ‘hypocrites who were to die in drains’.

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